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Please note that the 1916-2016 pages are being suspended indefinitely, and until such time as they may be re-designed and re-written.


These pages contained several video clips taken from the video compiled on the proceedings at the 2016 ceremonial event held adjacent to Grange Church. The video was produced professionally by NMV Productions.

On a number of occasions, the latest being today, the above organisation, which holds the copyright for the video, has been in contact me to express displeasure at the manner in which I have copied its materials, drawing my attention to copyright law and the potential penalties in the courts for infringement.

Certainly, I had no intention to infringe any copyright that may apply or to adversely impact the potential income earnings of the organisation. I unreservedly and sincerely apologise to the organisation for my actions. I am solely responsible for the use of extracts from the said video on this website and also on Facebook.

I now consider it appropriate to desist from using the said material in this way and to remove all such video clips from this website, its associated Facebook Page and from the video host platform, Vimeo. This is being urgently executed today. I hasten to add that I was not requested to delete any of the material, rather, I feel that it is the proper thing to do, all circumstances considered. 

Once again, I apologise to NMV Productions and wish the organisation well into the future. I should say that the video was very well produced and I am glad that I purchased the DVD in 2016 for personal use.

Signed: Tom Hourigan, Website Administrator.

19th June, 2019






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